About Us

Bihari Connect UK1 is an ambitious project to unite people who trace their roots back to Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern Uttar Pradesh and motivate them to pool in resources for the common good of our community back home and abroad. From its humble beginning, the not-for- profit organization aspires to become the biggest and most influential group of professionals and others living in the UK and promote our rich culture and heritage.


  • Provide a platform for people living in UK to connect and promote interests of Bihar and contribute to its development
  • Help students from Bihar and adjoining areas to pursue higher education in UK
  • Assist entrepreneurs aiming to start their business and connect them with people who could help
  • Provide career guidance and mentors
  • Establish working relationships with charitable institution, private and public companies, cultural association, government and non-govt organisation to promote Bihari culture and celebrations in UK
  • Host community festivals, sports, cultural and entertainment events solely or in partnership with other institutions in UK to bring the Bihari community together
  • Organise cultural and spiritual events that reflect our diversity
  • Raise funds from donations, memberships and affiliations
  • Carry out ancillary business activities from possible trade and raise extra fund to re-invest in the community
  • Help members with no current setup in Bihar to discover their ancestral heritage back home and provide support and guidance during their trip to the state
  • Publish magazines to promote and celebrate the achievements and news from the Bihari community living in UK

1Bihari Connect UK is a not-for- profit organisation registered by guarantees under Company House #11015344 in England